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Doctor Owlkin and The H.O.M.E. Team

Even though others may be “different,” we find that inside, everybody just wants to be loved, encouraged, accepted, appreciated, and included! Each book addresses a new “difference” to teach children why that character is special and that we are all “different and unique” in some way. As Doctor Owlkin always reminds the team, “It’s WHOOOOOO you are on the inside that matters most!”

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Doctor Owlkin and The H.O.M.E. Team exists to raise the self-esteem and confidence of children with special needs or differences by having “hero” characters sharing their situation showing they can do more than they think; and to teach other children inclusion and acceptance of those with differences and disabilities and showing that all people have feelings and can be great friends.

The book series gives parents the opportunity to use the characters in the stories to openly discuss with their children that what matters is who the person is on the inside and not to judge somebody else even though they may look, sound, or act differently.


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“How to write a book that sparks a movement”

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